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When it comes to providing your home with an unrivaled level of thermal insulation whilst minimizing air infiltration, there is absolutely nothing that compares to spray foam. This general term is usually used for any plastic foam material used to achieve this goal. It also offers a great alternative to the usual fiberglass method. This revolutionary material has taken the building world by storm. At Spray Foam Insulation Dallas, we have combined years of expertise to ensure you only get the best. So let us have a look below and find out a little bit more about this amazing service.

Spray Foam VS Fiberglass
These are by far two of the most common solutions when it comes to providing your home or business with the insulation it deserves. Whilst both are excellent choices and each brings something to the table, spray foam tends to be a little better in every department. It has a higher “R” value, which we will explain when you call us, but it also does not settle or sag as fiberglass tends to overtime. Especially if it is installed incorrectly. Now to get the inside track, give us a call today and let us give your home or business the best insulation possible.

Good Idea?
The thing that makes spray foam insulation such a good idea, besides what we have already mentioned, is the ease at which it can be installed, as well as the fact that it can get into those hard-to-reach places where other insulation materials just won’t cut it. As this solution is sprayed, it has no joints and thus requires less time to adapt to your specific need. To find out more about how good an idea spray foam insulation is, all you need to do is get in touch with us today. We promise you will not be disappointed.

How Long Does It Last?
Many people have a bit of a moan when they see the cost of having their entire home insulated with spray foam. Once we tell them how long it lasts, however, they quickly seem to change their tune. When professionally completed, using only the best materials and methods, a spray foam solution will easily last you anywhere between 5O and 😯 years. With longevity like this, it is no wonder so many clients are now turning to this solution for all their insulation needs. So join the club today and give us a call, our experts are ready and waiting.

It Saves You Money
No, this is no joke. Since spray foam insulation can keep the heat in when it’s cold and the heat out when it is warm, you will no longer need to adjust the thermostat to keep things comfortable. This means you are saving money on your monthly utility bills. We have calculated that over time, a professionally completed spray foam job can save you up to 2O% per month on your utility bills. This in turn makes the initial installation costs even more worth it when you consider the above. Now give us a call today if you are serious about saving money.

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